Our members are nursing professional development practitioners and associates who work in a variety of healthcare settings in Washington state. Membership is open to those engaged in development of nurses and other healthcare workers.

We are a non-profit affiliate of the Association for Nursing Professional Development (ANPD).

ANPDWA advances quality healthcare by defining and promoting Nursing Professional Development practice in Washington State.

ANPDWA is the premier resource for supporting nursing professional development practice in Washington State.

The purpose of ANPDWA is to promote and advance nursing professional development and its practitioners within Washington State via education, collaboration, advocacy, and connection.

The objectives of ANPDWA are to:
  • Provide for the sharing of educational information and resources.
  • Encourage communication through the local, state, and national arenas.
  • Provide and promote continuing education among health care personnel.
  • Act as a resource for other health care professionals and organizations.
  • Promote, utilize and engage in educational research to improve the practice and effectiveness of professional development.
  • Support networking and mentoring among its members.

Questions about ANPD Washington?  Email us at anpdwa@gmail.com
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